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Once upon a time there was an inhospitable mountain of stones that was my lot.

Once upon a time there was an inhospitable mountain of stones that was my lot. But there were also a wood crossed by green and musk scented trails and glades kissed by the sun even in winter. And down in the valley, among sheep, cows, wild boars and small families of pigs, olive trees, oaks and fruit trees was the Mediterranean woodland.
In this wild and romantic place, I imagined 'Le stalle di Giurò'. It is a country house, where we live deep in the nature. Our life moves in time with the flowering season, the movements of the sun, the crickets and cicadas excited during the day, the fireflies that light up at dusk by the Milky Way taking your breath away every night. It is the ideal place to explore the real Cilento: a region that is still unknown to mass tourism. It preserves its dialects, songs, old festivals and traditional flavors.
We are at Roccagloriosa, the country of origin of my family, for which a rule has been applied for generations, intended as a spell or curse: people who leave this town, in the end they will always come back. A couple of streets and a dozen lanes, with country manors dating back to the time when the earth and its fruit were the only wealth acknowledged by men. At Rocca everything is made of stone: the fountain that welcomes you at the entrance of the village, the streets, the old houses, the stairs that lead you there. So far, I think my Petrosi has been a source of inspiration to many in this picturesque corner of South Italy. From downtown, take the steep road, which has been used for centuries by peasants and lords to reach their lands. When you turn your back to ordinary life, you are enchanted by the beauty and tranquility of the countryside here. First, the scents: hay, mauve...
Go down: vineyards, olive trees, harvesting nets; come down again: land and fences.
Then Petrosi. And here we are.
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At 'Le stalle di Giurò' you can walk in the woods and discover the essences of the Mediterranean scrub listening to the birds sing.

Run in a meadow, sit on the grass, relax and read a good book or maybe have a nice picnic.

But you can also reach the sea in a few minutes, take a walk on the beach of Mingardo or an unforgettable boat trip along the coast of Infreshi.

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Where we are

We are in Roccagloriosa (SA), in Monaci in an organic farm on the edge of a wood within the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di diano and Alburni.
Here you can choose between the mountains (Cervati and Gelbison in the hinterland, Bulgheria and Stella, immediately behind the coast) and the wonderful sea of Scario, Marina di Camerota, Pisciotta and Palinuro.
Prestigious art venues such as Velia, home of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, Paestum, the ancient town of the Magna Graecia and the Certosa of San Lorenzo in Padula are easily accessible.

Le Stalle di Giurò

Bed & Breakfast in Country House
Estate "I Petrosi"

Location Monaci
Roccagloriosa (SA) - Italy 84060

P. Iva IT 04388641211


Phone: +39 339 7810443


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