Presentation of the Company: The company is managed by the owner, with the help of local workers.

olio extravergine

The farm consists of 42 hectares, of which about 37 ha of woodland and 5 ha of olive groves and orchards. A dirt road crosses the entire property until you reach the plateau bordering the archeological site.
If you walk along the dirt roads of the property, you can discover the essences of the Mediterranean scrub which consists of oak trees, holm oaks, bay trees, hawthorn, heather, myrtle trees and all the other typical plants. In the forest you can encounter wild boars, wild, foxes, hedgehogs and birds.
The company is managed by the owner, with the help of... local workers.

Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives groves grown on untreated land. Our olives are specially selected and harvested by hand at veraison, ie at the beginning'' of the maturation, with the change in skin colour from green to brown.
The freshly picked olives are put in boxes, then sent to the mill and immediately pressed. The extraction process is carried out at"cold", by carefully monitoring the pressing and all the other phases of the production process. The oil obtained is packaged without filtering, thus mantaining its olfactory-gustatory characteristics. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of exceptional quality, with a pale yellow colour and a perfect balance between bitter, sweet and spicy notes.
Soil management is reduced to what is strictly necessary, the only processing is the grass cutting. After the olive harvesting, the plants are hand-pruned and subsequently cut off.

We produce two styles of olive oil:
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Donnanina" in 50 cl bottles cl 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Donnanina" in 75 cl bottles cl 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Donnanina" in 3 liter cans litri 
  • Virgin Olive Oil "Giurò" in 3 liter cans
  • Virgin Olive Oil "Giurò" in 5 liter cans
You can buy our oil from our company or we can send it to your home.

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Where we are

We are in Roccagloriosa (SA), in Monaci in an organic farm on the edge of a wood within the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di diano and Alburni.
Here you can choose between the mountains (Cervati and Gelbison in the hinterland, Bulgheria and Stella, immediately behind the coast) and the wonderful sea of Scario, Marina di Camerota, Pisciotta and Palinuro.
Prestigious art venues such as Velia, home of the philosophers Parmenides and Zeno, Paestum, the ancient town of the Magna Graecia and the Certosa of San Lorenzo in Padula are easily accessible.

Le Stalle di Giurò

Bed & Breakfast in Country House
Estate "I Petrosi"

Location Monaci
Roccagloriosa (SA) - Italy 84060

P. Iva IT 04388641211


Phone: +39 339 7810443


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